Responsible Travel Statistics

The December issue of the Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends investigates the complex relationships between tourism and responsibility. A recent report proves that a holistic approach emerges in most destinations.
See the report of the Center for Responsible Travel here.

ToC: Cruise tourism

JTCT, vol.8, no.1

Cruise tourism

Framing Cruise Tourism
Alexandra ZBUCHEA

Current diversity of cruise tourism
Adrian NEDELCU, Gerda POPESCU, and Adrian CIOAC─é

Demonstrational Analysis on Consumers’ Consciousness of Cruise Culture
ZengFei REN, PengJu LI

Analysis of the cruise industry in the Arabian Gulf: the emergence of a new destination
Magdalena KAROLAK

Cruise tourism: opportunity for Romania according to the Danube Strategy
Mirela MAZILU, Wolfgang LIMBERT, and Sabina Roxana MITROI