CfP: Tourism and Religion

Religion shapes societies. It can bring people together, but it could also divide. It can give a sense of community, but it can also lead to conflict. Religion is a topic of continuous debate from many perspectives.

Religion moves people, both in an abstract way, as well as in a physical way. Delphi, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Mecca, Rome, Santiago de Compostela, Stonehenge are only some examples of famous places, visited by millions of people due to their special connection with various religions and beliefs. The visitors are not always religiously connected with those places.

The 9.1 issue of the Journal of Tourism Challenges and Trends proposes an interdisciplinary investigation of the complex connections between tourism and religion. Many topics could be approached, such as:

  • the evolution of pilgrimage tourism;
  • the drivers of pilgrimage tourism;
  • the impact of tourists on the host communities at religious sites;
  • managing specific needs of religious tourists;
  • the impact of religion on tourism consumption; etc.

Nevertheless, the discussions remain open and are not limited by the previous suggestions.

The researchers interested in the topic are invited to submit their proposals by  May 15, 2016 at Please follow the instructions for authors available here.

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